Kirrin The Runner

This is Kirrin, the character in my thesis. She was modeled in Autodesk Maya and textured in Substance Painter. She has been rigged through the Mixamo software and is ready for implementing into Unreal Engine 4. Check out her progress in the blog!

Her Lore: She is a runner in a band of theives. She is in an impossible debt to the Thief Lord who she runs under. She was forced to serve under his rule when her sister fell ill and only he had the means to save her. Kirrin quickly found out everything has a price. She is tasked with collecting enough gold to buy her way out from under his influence.

Kirrin New Model - Headshot

Kirrin New Model - Front

Kirrin New Model - Back

Kirrin Post Substance - Front

Kirrin Post Substance - Back

Client: Rochester Institute of Technology - Modeled in: Autodesk Maya - Textured in: Substance Painter - Date: December 2016