Ruin Runner

Ruin Runner is a playable endless runner game. I am building it in Unreal Engine 4.12. viewed from the 3rd person you’ll be controlling an original character named Kirrin. She’s a ‘runner’ in the thief/assassin district in a dystopian society.

You’ll be running through a district where the people there have gone back to their hunter-gatherer roots. You’ll see simple huts and bridges as well as tree houses.

This is my senior thesis project and is nearing the end of its production! Check out my progress blog I have kept over the course of this year to see where I started and where I am now.

Ruin Runner Gameplay from Gretchen Plant on Vimeo.

Ruin Runner - Landscape #1

Ruin Runner - Landscape #2

Ruin Runner - Scripts #1

Ruin Runner - Scripts #2

Ruin Runner - Scripts #3

Client: Rochester Institute of Technology - Modelled in: Autodesk Maya - Created in: Unreal Engine 4 - Date: April 2017